Back in Action

Pens and general hockey/sports posts to make a comeback within the next week.
Be ready.

I Will Never Delete Anything.

Simply because it’s a snapshot in time.

It’s Incredible

What a pun.
I just got the Droid Incredible.
I can now post from it.
This is test post city.
Unreal phone.

Edit 2/11/11: Wow, this was supposed to be posted December 2nd.
No clue where I went wrong.

Not for Want of Caring.

Past: I gave a shit and got played.

Present: Don’t need it. Don’t want it. Don’t wanna think about it. Don’t care about it.

We run for first,
but the first come in second.

When we spit out
the names
of those
we betrayed.

In Case You Didn’t Know,

this is me, to a T.
Always has been.
Always will be:

So it goes…

I heard this story about seven years ago and it was life-changing.
I viewed this spoken-word about four years ago and it was life-changing.

Part 1:

Part 2:


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